Tuesday, March 20.2018
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About Experimental Days

This event is an organization of a group of experimental aircraft builders in co-operation with Aeroclub Sanicole.

Experimental aircraft
We are expecting home-build aircraft from all over Europe. Join us!

Fly-in with your own aircraft
You are welcome to join with your own aircraft, if it is an experimental or not. Please register upfront.

Permit is free of charge!
We will take care of the permit for your experimental aircraft that was not registered in Belgium. And... thanks to our sponsor Lambert Aircraft this is free of charge!

Photographers welcome
Every aviation enthusiast is welcome to join. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of less common aircraft of all types and colors.

Flying ladies
We have a special program for the ladies organized by the ladies of our local home-builders.

Full length weekend program
We have created a program for the complete weekend. New in 2016 is that we also have a program on Sunday!

Experimental Days 2016 Pictures